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Letter from the President

To our Alumni and Friends,

St. Ambrose is riding an extraordinary wave of momentum. We are growing in size, quality, and impact. We are receiving national recognition for the quality of teaching, for the value of the education we offer, and for innovation in the way we offer it. But while it may be an appropriate time to marvel at all that has been accomplished, it most definitely is not a time to stand still. The changing world for which we prepare students is a world of enormous challenge, and it is also one of enormous possibility.

Friends, we have been entrusted to steward this extraordinary institution, and we must continue to do so with innovative solutions, with the most talented students and dedicated faculty, with premier programs, with prayerful discernment, with great care and love, so that this University- a place where faith and learning thrive - will forever remain a gift to future generations and to the world.

St. Ambrose University has been built on a foundation of generosity. Every gift given has paid tribute to this bedrock belief - that the legacy we leave lies not in ourselves but in the moments we have lived for others. In the end, it is our acts of kindness, generosity, and compassion that endure.

Amy C. Novak, EdD Signature
Unapologetically Ambrose,

Amy C. Novak, EdD